10 Strategies for Non-Profits on Pinterest

A great article from Mashable on the future of social change.

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Five Steps To Create Change [Sneak Peek]

My blog this week for New Port Richey Patch offers tips on how to create change. Here is a preview for you guys:

As a social activist and consultant, I get asked quite a bit about how someone can create change in their community. People inherently want to make a difference and have a purpose in what they do, so it comes as no surprise to me that people want to help their communities.

Many believe creating social change involves a critical social issue that needs a mass movement and lots of time. While that is true in some instances, people can create what may be perceived as a small change that has a huge impact. For example, if someone has a passion for music and wants to start a local band night at the park, that is creating change. Does it transform the world? Maybe not, but it has a huge impact on the local music community. My point is, change of any kind has an impact, no matter how small one may think it is.

I have broken down the basics of creating change to five steps that anyone can utilize to accomplish their goal. Make no mistake, any level of change takes work, but this basic framework will help you along the way.

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